Joyce Grimes Safley is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of individuals.

Ms. Safley is a fierce litigator who is loyal and accessible to her clients. While serving as a zealous advocate for her clients, having served as a judge, a litigator, and a Rule 31 neutral Mediator, Joyce values being an ethical and courteous attorney, treating her clients, opponents, and judges with respect.

The following values are central and essential to Safley Law:

  • Fully investigating and evaluating any potential client case in compliance with attorneys’ ethical rules

  • A clear fee system

  • Good negotiation skills

  • Honesty

  • Good people skills and courtesy

  • Organization

  • Good communication and being accessible to clients

  • A good knowledge of the law, the rules of evidence, and the rules of civil procedure

  • Confidence earned by many years of practicing as a litigator in jury trials and as a judge

  • Treating others with respect

  • Doing the preparation, research, and “homework” that each case requires to be successful

  • A strong work ethic

  • Free initial consultation


Joyce Safley represented us during a difficult time with great professionalism, integrity and with the utmost knowledge of our case. She was also very caring and patient with us. Mrs. Safley’s extensive knowledge about the laws and her amazing dedication for obtaining justice, helped us achieve a very favorable outcome.
— JG & MM